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HelpInsureUs operates as an independent insurance agent representing more than 40 regional and national insurance companies with hundreds of plan variations. Because we are independent, our only mission is to help you find the best insurance coverage that fits your needs, preferences, and your budget. We will step you through the process to making a decision.

Life Insurance (Indexed Universal Life, Term Life)

Health Insurance (ObamaCare as well as faith-based plans)


Medicare and other related senior plans

Plans such as Dental, Vision, Critical Illness

Even after you’ve decided upon a plan, we will not walk away from you and leave you struggling to remember all the benefits in your plan(s). My sophisticated email campaign program will contact you regularly to highlight features that can save you even more money. You will be taught how to avoid common mistakes in the use of your plan. Many times, you will learn about issues going on in our industry that may affect you or your plan and we recommend options. All of this will provide you with confidence that you are working with a 20+ years insurance advisor excited to help you through this process and wanting to look out for your best interest.

Not all, but most of our Texas customers are self-employed small business owners, but many times their employees need advice and insurance plans, too. We have the experience to help you find solutions to your needs in both Life and Health Insurance.

Let me help you find the answers to the option that will serve you best!

We work all over the State of Texas, but physically we have our office in Granbury, situated in north central Texas - specifically the Dallas-Fort Worth region of the state.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Fred Fortson – HelpInsureUs.com
Focusing on Life & Health Plans for the Self-Employed & Individuals

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Life Insurance, Health Plans, Long-term Care, & Annuities

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Clients Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying.

"I’ve worked with Fred for nearly twenty years. Our medical insurance needs have changed many times because we own an S-corp and self-insure. I’ve had several serious health issues, and even called Fred from the hospital asking for guidance a day after my mild stroke. He is always quick to respond to my questions and has introduced me to several innovative, money-saving alternatives to the expensive conventional options. Given how confusing and costly this area can be, it’s great to have someone I trust to guide me. "

Jim K   -   Colorado Springs, CO

"Fred is absolutely awesome, great personality, courteous, professional and knows the business. He can be trusted to take care of you and your insurance needs."

Dwayne & Dorothy   -   Denver

"Fred has been helping me with my health care plans since 2007. He has had to endure many emails from me asking the same questions over and over. I am in very good health and have rarely needed to see doctors or visit hospitals, so when the occasion did arise, I would almost always reach out to Fred for advice or direction. He was always pleasant and never made me feel like the idiot I felt I was for not knowing where to go or what the steps were to get something done. He has always replied to text, email or phone calls within an hour if not sooner. He has initiated changing plans due to price increases, companies changing hands or just getting out of the business. When my wife was eligible for Medicare he helped her through the process which was a blessing. I am eligible in 2022 (Medicare) and he has already been sending me emails and texts providing me helpful hints and getting me ready to sign up and selecting the best plan for me."

Scot S   -   Aurora, CO

"Morning Fred, I would just like to say that your help with our insurance needs and education have been extremely valuable over the years. You always pick up the phone when I call or get right back to me with email responses. We appreciate your service immensely. It’s been reassuring and a real pleasure doing business with you! Thank you! "

Willie & Patricia   -   Avondale, AZ
Product Details

Individual & Family Insurance Coverage (Under age 65)

We offer multiple health coverage options for you and your family. Our licensed professionals can explain all the various plan options that are available to you.

Get an instant quote or more information by using links below.  Or call now.   (855) 201-7143.

Medicare Insurance (Over age 65)

Medicare Supplement Plans are accepted by over 95% of all doctors/providers in America. Referrals are not required.  Many people love the freedom of choice for your medical provider, predictability of costs, and very low rate increase history with most carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans are Guaranteed Issue, have No Pre-existing Limitations and usually offer co-pays for Doctor, Hospital and RX costs.  Premiums are often $0 per month.

Get an instant quote or more information by using links below.  Or call now.   (855) 201-7143.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is about taking care of your loved ones.  It protects your family and lets you leave them a defined, non-taxable cash amount at the time of death.  It can also replace your income, so your family can maintain their quality of life.

Get an instant quote or more information by using links below.  Or call now.   (855) 201-7143.

Dental / Vision Plans

Dental Coverage include coverage for preventive care, like routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays.  Many plans also include coverage for additional services like fillings, extractions, root canals and crowns.

Vision Plans typically cover the cost of an annual eye exam and prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

Get an instant quote or more information by using links below.  Or call now.   (855) 201-7143.

Supplemental Insurance

Critical Illness and Cancer Plans help cover your out of pocket costs for heart attack, cancer, stroke and additional diseases.  Many expenses incurred due to a critical illness are not covered by traditional health insurance plans, such as deductibles, co-pays, experimental treatments, travel, and more.

Get an instant quote or more information by using links below.  Or call now.   (855) 201-7143.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In what parts of Texas are your products available?
Though I live in North Central Texas, my products are available in every county of Texas.

What would my Premium Tax Credit be for 2022?
Call us and we can help you figure that out. Or, we can email you a link to run the calculation.

When will my new health coverage begin?
The next start date for ACA plan coverage is JAN 1st, but it could be as late as February. Depends on when you apply.

Do you carry Healthcare Sharing plans?
Yes, we've been offering Healthcare Sharing plans since 2017. Currently, we represent two companies with 12 plans.

Can Legal Immigrants Get Covered?
A legal immigrant can buy a private plan such as our Healthcare Sharing plans and may even be able to get cost assistance through ObamaCare.

What is Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)?
MEC is defined in the ACA as the minimum benefits that must that must be included in a health plan.

How is my tax credit affected if my income, family size or other circumstances changes during the year?

Obamacare or Medical Cost-Sharing plans. Which is best?
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Additional Information

What is the cost of Obamacare Health insurance in Granbury, TX?
Quite a bit goes into the calculations involved in determining the price of an ACA health insurance plan for an individual or family.  Price determining factors normally include:
  • 1.  Your plan choice.
  • 2.  The ages of you and your family members.
  • 3.  Whether or not you are eligible to receive a subsidy.
  • 4.  Where you live.
If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent U.S. resident, you likely qualify for Affordable Care Act health insurance.   For more information, give us a call.
How can I get health insurance or Medicare insurance coverage in Granbury, TX?
Absolutely.  Our team of licensed professionals are happy to assist you in finding quality, affordable, individual, family, Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Advantage health insurance coverage.  Please contact us now.  We are here to help.  We serve the Granbury, Dallas and Ft. Worth regions.
How does one determine which health insurance plan is ideal?
Health insurance is a complicated product.  Study after study has shown that people routinely make poor health insurance plan choices – choices they often regret once they receive unexpected, and unexpectedly large, medical bills in the mail.  To avoid unexpected medical costs, you need to pick an insurance plan that make sense for you both medically and financially.

First, when comparing health insurance plans, consider the medical status of you and your family.  Does your current medical circumstance require you or a family member to visit the doctor a lot, or do you rarely have a pressing need to see a physician?  What prescription drugs are you or a family member are currently using?  Note if there are specific physicians that you or a family member must have access to.

Next, learn about deductibles, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket benefits.  It is important to have a good understanding of how these plan components work.  Comparatively, from plan to plan, these benefits can vary greatly.  They determine how much you could be responsible for in medical bills should the unexpected occur.
Finally, take into account the monthly payment for your health coverage.  What is the maximum amount of money that you are comfortable with spending on a health insurance plan?  You can be sure of selecting a quality health insurance plan if you analyze the aforementioned factors carefully.
Where can I get health insurance near me?
We have licensed health insurance agents that will be happy to help you find the right plan for your needs.  We service the Granbury, Dallas and Ft. Worth regions.
Where can I get Medicare supplement insurance assistance near me?
Our office provides expert assistance with Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.  We service the Granbury, Dallas and Ft. Worth regions.
How can I find out if I qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan?
If you are a U.S. citizen under 65 years of age, you are very likey to qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan.  Any issues of qualification usually have to do with when you apply.  This is why it is important to apply as soon as possible.
Can I qualify for an Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance plan if I have a medical condition?
Your medical status is not a factor when applying for an Affordable Care Act plan.
Can you help with small group health insurance coverage?
Yes.  Thanks to new health insurance regulations and guidelines, you can likely realize significant savings by reviewing your group health insurance coverage now.
Please give us a call:  (855) 201-7143.
I need 2023 Affordable Care Act health insurance coverage.  Can you help me sign up?
We can instantly provide you with rates and benefit details for all of the 2023 Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) Health insurance plans.  We can also help you choose and apply for the ACA plan that best suits your needs and budget.  Please give us a call:  (855) 201-7143.
I just moved here.  Can you help me sign up for a 2023 ACA health insurance plan?
We are happy to assist you in applying for Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) health insurance coverage in the state of Texas.  We can also help you compare plan rates and benefits in order to find the best health insurance plan for your needs.  Please give us a call:  (855) 201-7143.

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